We believe that insightfully written,

intelligently directed, ruthlessly edited,

and strategically produced video can be the

best vehicle for effective communication.

We make such video.



Rob Collins Productions provides creative and multimedia services with compelling storytelling and dedicated personal service to every project. We plan, write, cast, shoot, edit, and distribute everything from TV commercials to employee training.


Rob partners with Ellie St. John and other writers, producers, and companies to accommodate projects of all sizes.


Rob is a 1995 cum laude graduate of the Florida State University Film School. He has produced and directed over 100 major projects, including literary documentaries featuring Frederick Buechner (buechnerfilm.com) and the late Maya Angelou (lifeexamined.com). He recently produced a documentary narrated by Condoleezza Rice.


Rob likes to read, cook, listen to music, and hang out with his wife Mary Kay and their three kids.

Ellie & Rob at Filmapalooza


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Much of our corporate work is internal; contact for more info.



We'd love to hear from you at 804-767-2360 or rob@robcollins.com.

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